Dems Stage Protest Outside Rep. Collins’ Office


GAINESVILLE, Ga –Bullhorns and chants of “What do we want? Healthcare! When do we want it? Now!” broke the silence outside 9th District Congressman Doug Collins office Tuesday morning as Democrats from across north Georgia protested the congressman and his support for the American Health Care Act.

One of the protest organizers, Marie Head of Jasper-based Appalachian Indivisible, said, “We’re upset with Representative Collins’ vote on the American Health Care Act. It’s going to put people with preexisting conditions without insurance and on top of that, it’s going to skyrocket their premiums. They voted on this without having it scored (by the Congressional Budget Office) so 23 million people in this country are going to be without healthcare if it passes the Senate.”

The bill has not passed the Senate and there are indications it may be in for a massive rewrite, so protesting the act now could be premature. While the AHCA may be the main issue that brought the group to Gainesville, it was clearly not the only issue they protested. One sign read: “Global Warming Isn’t a Hoax. Another protested Russian interference in America’s elections.

Head said, “The thing we’re most upset about is that Rep. Collins won’t talk to us about why he voted for something like this. I did talk to his staff one time, but we would like to sit down with him and really understand his vote. There are a lot of people who deserve to hear why he voted the way he did.”

Standing on the sidewalk beneath Collins’ second-floor window, some of the protesters shouted for the congressman to “look out your window” and “come down and talk to us.” Even aided by the bullhorn, it’s unlikely the voices carried all the way to Washington where Collins was working to represent his district Tuesday.

Collins has clearly explained his vote for AHCA, however. In a March press release, he said, “For seven years, I have watched Obamacare afflict my neighbors with soaring insurance costs and narrowing health care options. Obamacare shattered the insurance market, and Americans now struggle first to afford insurance and then to find providers that accept it.

“Obamacare saddled businesses and individuals with mandates that robbed them of their freedom to choose health care options that make sense for them. Our families, our workers and our economy have born the weight of bureaucratized medicine for too long. The American Health Care Act removes that burden and demands compassion for both the healthy and vulnerable, the born and the unborn. I have seen the grief that Obamacare has brought to northeast Georgians and have worked for my entire tenure in Congress to repeal this destructive law.”

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Marie Head addresses protesters Tuesday.

Protest Signs Outside Rep. Collins office.

Crowd of protesters outside Collins’ office.


FYN’s All-Star Political Panel Discusses Health Care, Tax Reform, Comey’s Firing and Rod Rosenstien


Every Friday morning the great All-Star Political Panel gets together to discuss the latest political issues that have the media buzzing. Jane, BKP, Rick and Bruce sit down today to discuss health care, Comey’s firing, the memo, and Rod Rosenstein. Other topics that come up during this discussion are the Russian investigation and it’s lack of evidence. Lastly they discuss out great tax dollars at work to help Bradley Manning become Chelsea Manning while in a military prison. Thanks to Obama not only did we pay for his transition from male to female he also was released after only serving 7 years of his 35 year sentence. Do you want to get in on the discussion? Come join us on Friday mornings about 8:45 am and you can be apart of the All-Star Political Panel too!

Congressman Collins Talks Health Care, Tax Reform and Still Supporting President Trump


Georgia’s 9th District Congressman Doug Collins talks with BKP today about the health care bill. Collins also states that he believes and hopes they will be able to start working on the tax reform this year. BKP also asks the Congressman if he is still a supporter of President Donald Trump. Lastly Collins discusses issues that he and his team are working on that are more specifically focused in the 9th District: Dodd Frank Act, the VA – veteran’s health care, police week, and human trafficing week.

9th District Congressional Candidate Josh McCall Holds Town Hall Meeting at Civic Center


Congressional Candidate Josh McCall at Thursday’s town hall

GAINESVILLE, Ga. – Democrat Josh McCall, who has announced his intention to run against 9th District Congressman Doug Collins (R-Ga.) in 2018, hosted a Town Hall meeting in the Gainesville Civic Center Ballroom Thursday.

An audience estimated to be about 150 attended the event that featured a panel of health care experts including, UGA Foundation Professor of Human Health Dr. Phaedra Corso, Dr. Gale Starich, Dean of Brenau’s College of Health Sciences, and Dr. Rebecca Quigg, a practicing physician and former Congressional candidate in Georgia’s 6th District.

The meeting came on the heels of the U.S. House passing the American Health Care Act that replaces the Affordable Care Act (ACA), better known as Obamacare. It now moves to the Senate where lawmakers have a chance to write their own version. Collins voted in favor of the new bill.

About 150 people gathered at Civic Center Thursday

As a backdrop to last night’s meeting, the Associated Press has reported that consumers will be hit with another round of price hikes and limited choices next year on the market places established by Obamacare as insurance providers continue to exit the marketplace. Major insurers like Aetna and Humana have already dropped out, leading to forecasts of up to a 50 percent increase in premiums in 2018. The ACA was intended to keep prices low by increasing competition.

McCall has staked out a very different position than Collins on the health care issue. He strongly supports government health care and he doubled down on that position at Thursday’s meeting, declaring, “I do support single payer unabashedly. I believe every person has a right to live. Nobody should have to worry about getting sick and losing everything they own.”

In her presentation, Corso said, “Despite the fact that we’re spending so much money on health care, we are not having better health care outcomes than other countries.”

She outlined the elements of the Obamacare she said Republicans want to change, including individual mandates, expansion of Medicaid, (which she called “free federal money,” that only lasts 10 years before states must pick up the entire cost), employee mandates that require employers with 50 or more employees to pay for health care and exchanges, which the Supreme Court ruled could not be made mandatory.

Corso reminded the audience of Obama’s promise that if you like your health insurance you can keep your insurance, which turned out to be a lie. She seemed to excuse his statement by saying, “They had crappy insurance. They thought they had coverage when they didn’t have coverage for anything worthwhile.”

Jennifer LaRose speaks at town hall meeting

One of the panelists, Jennifer LaRose, spoke about her personal experience with health care. Her son Logan, now 15 months old, was born with two medical abnormalities that required three surgeries by the time he was six months old.

“In a situation like ours, parents should be able to focus on their child not their finances,” she said. “They shouldn’t have to resort to asking friends and family for charity.”

LaRose said her family has benefited from the cap that ACA placed on out-of-pocket expenses. “The maximum for our family was $7,500 and we met that the month Logan was born,” she said.

She said she isn’t certain if she believes in single payer insurance or not but added there are a lot of “what-ifs” with the new legislation. “We can’t afford what-ifs. My feeling about health care is it should be affordable and available to everyone.”

Fetch Your News is a hyper local news outlet that covers Dawson, Lumpkin, White, Fannin, Gilmer, Pickens, Union, Towns and Murray counties as well as Cherokee County in N.C.If you would like to follow up-to-date local events in any of those counties, please visit us at





How Will President Donald Trump Pay for the Border Wall

Featured, Politics

The media won’t be happy until they see a picture of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto presenting President Donald Trump with the BIG check. You know the Publishers Clearing House size check that has written in the memo area “Mexico payment for the wall”.

Congress has to pass a spending appropriations bill before the end of April to prevent a government shutdown. Trump is asking for money to start the famous wall. You know the one, Mexico will pay for.

Attorney General, Jeff Sessions along with Homeland Security Secretary, John Kelly stress we need to start construction of the southern border barrier now.

Sessions is determined to shut down America’s worst criminal gang MS-13. Kelly warns that the next major attack will come from terrorist groups like ISIS partnering up with Mexican drug cartels.  Both Kelly and Sessions sound the alarm on the enormous amounts of opiates, heroin and cocaine coming across the border. Just recently Maryland Governor Larry Hogan signed a State of Emergency to deal with opiate addiction problem.

The media keeps asking how we are going to pay for the wall? We have paid for the wall. We have paid with the blood of our children butchered by illegal alien gangs like MS-13. We have paid with the lives of our children who are dying daily from drug addiction.  

Don’t accept your congressman asking how we are going to pay for the wall. Tell them they need to support the President and the wall is already bought and paid for!


Georgia 6th Congressional District Election Results


#GMFTO #FYNTV #BKP interview with 6th Congressional District Candidate (R) Judson Hill


6th Congressional District of Georgia Special Election to replace new HHS Secretary Tom Price. Interview with candidate (R) Judson Hill / FYNTV.COM


6th District Candidate (R) Karen Handel Releases Campaign Video Going After (D) Jon Ossoff


The failed American Health Care Act just changed the entire GA 6th Congressional District race. Karen Handel releases a very good campaign video going after John Ossoff but can Republicans promise to stop Nancy Pelosi’s agenda? And that they are the party that can deliver? Although Handel’s campaign video may have the right message, it may be the wrong time. #BKP explains how the failed bill may be a gift to Ossoff and leaves Republican candidates scrambling to decide which side of the Republican party they are on. Three strikes and the Republican party could lose the House. - Dedicated to serve the needs of the community. Provide a source of real news-Dependable Information-Central to the growth and success of our Communities. Strive to encourage, uplift, warn, entertain, & enlighten our readers/viewers- Honest-Reliable-Informative.

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