Underwood says his experience in fighting government makes him the best candidate


ELLIJAY, Ga. – Ethan Underwood, one of nine Republican candidates running to replace Doug Collins as Georgia’s Ninth District Congressman, said conservatives will lose one of the most articulate fighters we have when Congressman Doug Collins leaves to run for Senate.

A guest on FYNTV.COM’s Good Morning From the Office Thursday, Underwood told host Brian Pritchard, “We can’t lose that. We’ve got to replace that with somebody with energy who can articulate the conservative message and I’m the right candidate for this time.”

Underwood, a property rights attorney, has built his campaign around the fact that he is an effective fighter for conservative values.

“I’m an attorney. I’m one who fights government. It’s what I do for a living and I’m pretty darn good at it,” he said. “I’m good at wading into hostile situations and getting good results. That is the skill set for this time with the hostile situation in D.C.”

Underwood, 42, has worked for Republican causes for 25 years and has served as chairman of the Forsyth County Republican Party and as a district officer for the Republican Party.

As an attorney, Underwood said he is good at understanding procedure. “The first thing I’m going to do is learn the procedures and study the budget when I get up there to see what we can do to reduce spending and make sure I can act effectively for the people of the Ninth District. We need somebody who can go to D.C. and understand how the procedures work. You can get things done or you can stop bad legislation if you understand how the procedures work.”

On the subject of the protests going on throughout the country, Underwood said, “George Floyd should not have been killed. He was murdered. I hope they throw the people who did it under the jail. I’m glad to have friendly discussions about how we can get over the racial tension in this country. I’m excited about people saying, ‘We’re tired of racism. We want to end it.’ But when that devolves into destroying personal property and rioting that has got to be stopped immediately.”

Underwood said it is imperative that Republicans win back the House, lower taxes and reduce spending.

“That is where Republicans always drop the ball. They lower taxes but they don’t reduce spending. We also need to change the CARES Act.” Underwood said he hears from employers who say they want to hire their employees back and they can’t get them back because they’re getting more money going on unemployment than they are if they come back to work.”

He also said if Democrat governors are keeping their states shut down in hopes of winning the November election. “We need to be pounding that (message) to the media. Show the Democrats for what they are doing, which is manipulating the crisis in order to win the election.”


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Rep. Gurtler on decision to seek U.S. Congressional seat

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FYNTV - Matt Gurtler

ELLIJAY, Ga. – State House Representative Matt Gurtler spoke with FYN CEO Brian Pritchard in a live FYNTV interview, Feb.13, on the state budget cuts, related HB 4, and his announcement to run for the 9th Congressional District seat vacated by U.S. Senate-seeking Representative Doug Collins.

Gurtler, who is running on a platform of limited government, free markets, and individual liberty, said that the decision to run for U.S. Congress did not come lightly, and reached through deliberation and prayer. “We looked at the State Senate seat, we looked at the Congressional seat and had an opportunity to go up to Washington D.C. to meet with the conservative leaders in the House and also the Senate, and theses individuals and individuals reaching out to me across the District really encouraged me to run,” Gurtler said. “They’ve been watching me, and that I’ve been standing up to the powers that be, and the insiders in Atlanta and the special interests and the bloated budgets, and so it was sort of flattering that they noticed me there. And so we came back, and me and my family prayed, and we made the decision for Congress. We feel that we have a lot of support around the District. We’re going to work our tail off. We’re going to put tens of thousands of miles on the car again and wear the soles out on our feet and just bring the message of limited government to a wider audience, and a national audience if we are elected, so that we can really educate people.”

Gurtler said that members of the House and Senate voiced a need for “revolutionaries” to educate people on a national level, specifically against socialism. The State House Representative, who was in Washington D.C. during the telephone interview, divulged that he met with the Young Americans for Liberty, Freedom Caucus, and Club for Growth – an organization that is spending millions to fight Congressman Doug Collins in the U.S. Senate race.

Gurtler added that he received an endorsement from Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

The 8th District representative later shared his support for the Second Amendment in a social media post. “Our founders understood the right of self-defense is a natural and God-given right,” Gurtler wrote. “Red Flag laws and gun confiscation legislation like we see in Virginia, are dangerous to the principles of a free society and go against our constitutional rights. I will stand up for our 2nd Amendment rights in Washington DC just as I have done from day one at the State Capitol these past 4 years.”

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