Andrew Clyde, Will Wade win runoff elections

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Andrew Clyde

DAWSON COUNTY, Ga — Andrew Clyde, a pro-life, pro-gun, pro Trump conservative making his first run for elected office, outpolled two-term State Representative Matt Gurtler to win the Republican nomination for 9th District U.S. Congress tonight (Aug. 11).

With 95 percent of precincts reporting Clyde received 48,581 votes to Gurtler’s 37,741 in what many insiders consider an upset. The race turned ugly during the last days of the campaign. In social media and campaign flyers, Gurtler has accused Clyde, a 28-year Navy veteran, of being a thief, a Never Trumper, and someone who donated money to Democrats.

Will Wade

Clyde will meet Democrat Devin Pandy in the Nov. 3 general election to determine who will replace Doug Collins, who vacated the seat to run for the U.S. Senate. Pandy easily defeated Brooke Siskin, who could not overcome the bad publicity she received when she was jailed on a contempt of court charge in July. Pandy received 7,661 votes to Siskin’s 3,543.

In the race for Georgia House District 9, Dawson County native and four time Board of Education member Will Wade defeated attorney Steven Leibel. Wade received 4,959 votes to Leibel’s 2,472.

Dawson County August 11 runoff election returns

General Primary runoff election returns

DAWSON COUNTY, Ga – The polls have closed for the August 11 runoff election. To review the unofficial election returns for your local, state, and federal races, check out the list below. Please remember all the results are unofficial until certified by the Secretary of State.


House of Representatives District 9

Republican 100% reporting

Steve Liebel 2,472 33.27%

Will Wade 4,959 66.73% “presumptive winner”


U.S. House of Representatives District 9

Republican 95%

Andrew Clyde

Matt Gurtler 28,691 44.07%


Devin Pandy 4,69 65.46% “presumptive winner”

Brooke Siskin 2,062 2,358 34.54%


To see the state election returns, click here. This article contains the overall race winner and identified runoffs for State House, State Senate, U.S. House, and U.S. Senate in FYN’s coverage area.

The General Election is scheduled for November 3 as well as the jungle primary for Senator Kelly Loeffler’s seat.

All precincts will be open for primary runoff races Tuesday


Andrew Clyde

DAWSON COUNTY, Ga. — All precincts will be open Tuesday (Aug. 11) from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. when Dawson County voters cast their ballots in two key General Primary Runoff races — 9th District U.S. Congress and 9th District State House of Representatives.

The west precinct is located at Fire Station 6, 2142 Hubbard Road. Central precinct is in the Board of Elections & Registration Office, 96 Academy Avenue. The east precinct is in EMS station #2, 145 Liberty Drive (On Highway 53, East of 400 N just past tractor supply).

The runoff for the Republican nomination for U.S. Congress turned ugly during the last days of the campaign. In social media and campaign flyers, State Rep. Matt Gurtler has accused his opponent, Andrew Clyde a 28-year Navy combat veteran, of being a thief, a Never Trumper, and someone who donated money to Democrats.

Republican Congressman Jody Hice, a member of the Freedom Caucus — the most conservative group in Washington — called those allegations “outright lies.” Former U.S. Congressman Paul Broun, who said he is friends with both men endorsed Clyde. “What pushed me over the top were the lies and negative campaign of (Clyde’s) opponent,” Broun said.

Matt Gurtler

Rep. Matt Gurtler reports that during the last reporting period which ended June 22, Clyde had raised $775,739 in campaign funds, spent $733,041 and has a balance on hand of $42,698. Gurtler raised $655,017, spent $571,171. His cash on hand is $83,845.

Dawson County Democrats will vote for either Devin Pandy or Brooke Siskin. Pandy is a 21-year Army combat veteran. Siskin was charged with contempt of court and served a 4-day jail sentence in Gwinnett County Jail this summer after she refused a court-order to surrender a .380 handgun.
The Republican runoff for State House District 9 between Will Wade, a banker and longtime member of the Dawson County Board of Education, and Steven Leibel, an attorney who is the personal attorney for Lumpkin County Sheriff Stacy Jarrard, was conducted in a more respectful manner.

The rhetoric did become a little heated when Leibel accused Wade of raising taxes, accepting PAC funds and not supporting the senior tax exemption. Wade called that a “inaccuracy” and added, “I am not for changing the senior exemption in this district period.”
There is no Democrat entered in the State House race.


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Andrew Clyde bus tour rolls into Dawson County


DAWSON COUNTY, Ga. — The Andrew Clyde for 9th District U.S. Congress bus tour rolled through Dawson County Tuesday with a midday stop at Atlanta Motorsports Park.

Dawson County Republican Party Chairwoman Seannie Zappendorf introduced Clyde, a gun store owner who told approximately 30-40 supporters that he was motivated to run his first political campaign by an event that took place in 2012.

It was then that an abusive IRS used Georgia’s civil asset forfeiture law to confiscate $940,000 from his business. “It was a defining moment,” he said. “It was wrong. It was unconstitutional and I fought it and beat it. I was determined it wasn’t going to happen to anyone else. That showed me that one person can actually make a difference. One determined person who is willing to stand and say ‘I’m not going to put up with this. I’m going to change this.’”

Clyde is a U.S. Navy veteran with three combat tours. He said his travel to 41 nations helped him realize what a precious country America is. “There is no country like this one. They pale in comparison. It is the land of the free because of the brave.”

Clyde faces State Rep. Matt Gurtler in the August runoff election to determine the Republican nominee. Democrats Devin Pandy and Brooke Siskin are campaigning for their party’s nomination.


Fetch Your News is a hyper local news outlet that covers Dawson, Lumpkin, White, Fannin, Gilmer, Pickens, Union, Towns and Murray counties as well as Cherokee County in N.C. FYN attracts 300,000+ page views per month, 3.5 million impressions per month and approximately 15,000 viewers per week on and up to 60,000 Facebook page reach. If you would like to follow up-to-date local events in any of those counties, please visit us at



Why did State Rep Matt Gurtler miss the vote on Peace Officers’ Bill of Rights? Was he in Franklin County or the Capitol at the time of the vote?

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Peace officers bill of rights Matt Gurtler

When a Georgia State House member casts its vote and the vote board locks, a screen shot is automatically taken with the time of the vote on the picture.  Also the Georgia House sends out a tweet with the date and time a bill passes. 

On June 23rd there appeared to be 2 hours and 18 minutes between SB 474 and HB 426, The Hate Crimes Bill.  Between the two bills was HB 838 the Peace Officers’ Bill of Rights. State Representative Matt Gurtler voted YES on SB 474, he was ABSENT for the vote on HB 838 Peace Officers’ Bill of Rights, and Gurtler voted NO on HB 426 the Hate Crimes Bill.

Article continues below pictures.

SB 474 Gurtler voted yes


HB 838 Peace Officers Bill of Rights Gurtler was absent

Peace officers bill of rights

Matt Gurtler voted NO on HB 426 the Hate Crimes Bill.

Peace officers bill of rights Matt Gurtler

Tweet shows HB 838 vote at 3:04. Picture shows Matt Gurtler standing at Capitol elevator doors at 3;15

Peace officers bill of rights Matt Gurtler


Google maps says it takes an hour and twenty one minutes from the State Capitol to Carnesville, the Franklin County county seat.  Round trip would have been 2 hours and 42 minutes not counting time to get to and from your car at the Capitol.  So how did Matt Gurtler get to Franklin and back in two hours and eighteen minutes?  Then there is the photo which he claims is not real, taken at the Capitol elevator door with a timestamp of 3:15.  The House Tweet vote time for HB 838 shows the vote was taken at 3:04.  

After hearing that a photo may have been altered I felt it was necessary to dig deeper. This is a serious accusation. Was the Clyde campaign trying to make Gurtler look like he doesn’t support law enforcement?  Was Gurtler being unfairly smeared by his opponent?

Or is he really Dr. No or No Show Gurtler?  At a time when we are hearing “defund the cops” Law Enforcement in Georgia want to know which Lawmakers have their backs. On June 23rd the Georgia State House at approximately 3:05 passed 92-74 the Peace Officers’ Bill of Rights and Standards for Punishing Individuals Who Commit Offenses Against Peace Officers.

Absent during the vote was Georgia State Representative Matt Gurtler. Gurtler is in a runoff against Andrew Clyde to be the Republician candidate on the ballot for the 9th Congressional District in November.  The seat is currently held by Doug Collins.

When Gurtler was asked where he was that caused him to miss the vote on HB 838  and does he support law enforcement his answers were “sure I support law enforcement” and I’m running for office and had some campaign issues to take care of. 

Missing this important vote has many in law enforcement in the 9th district asking what was more important at that time than showing support for our peace officers?  What campaign business? Where was he at the time of the vote?  Then the photo appears. One that shows Gurtler at the doors of the elevator at the Capitol.

Immediately the Gurtler campaign goes into damage control claiming the photo is photoshopped and he was in Franklin county at the time of the vote on HB 838.

(Below is the clip from the debate Friday, July 17th.)  

In a debate on July 17th in Jackson County, Gurtler claims the photo was photoshopped, that he was in Franklin county.[embedyt][/embedyt]

Moderator:  House Bill 838 known as the Peace Officers’ Bill of Rights you did not vote on that, you were not present when that bill came to the floor, why not?

Matt: I support law enforcement, what I think is disgusting is photoshopping pictures of me when I am not at the Capitol, we recessed at noon. I went to go talk to people in Franklin county. To understand their needs and return back to the Capitol. I support any Bill that upholds life, liberty and the constitution. To say I walked on the vote, I have never walked on a vote.

Moderator: You’re saying the photo that shows you at the Capitol is photoshopped?

Matt: Yes, I left at noon and got back around three hours later back to the chamber to make it in time for the Hate Crimes Bill. 

Moderator:  Would you like to respond to that Mr. Clyde?  

Andrew Clyde:  Sure, it is not a photoshopped photo at all. It’s an I-phone live photo and it has a timestamp Matt.  I think the people of Georgia need to know how you would have voted on the bill, Yay or nay?

Matt: Yes, I would support any bill that supports the constitution and supports our law enforcement.

Several of Gurtler’s votes in his career as a state representative that he voted NO on, he would say although he found many things in the bill he liked he had to vote NO because a specific part he found unconstitutional. 

The question that remains unanswered is whether Gurtler thought HB838 is constitutional?

In Atlanta Press Club Debate Sunday July 19th during the candid question segment Clyde chose to ask Gurtler again about his whereabouts at the time of the vote on HB838.

Clyde: You missed this vote but I think voters would still like to know do you believe that HB838 also known as the Peace Officers’ Bill of Rights is constitutional and would you have voted yay or nay on this specific bill as it is written?

Matt: I said yes. That I would support any bill that upholds the constitution and upholds life, liberty and the property.  I think it’s very disingenuous to attack me on something and photoshop photos when I’m not even in the Capitol. We had recess that day.  I retired after talking to constituents in Franklin county. ‘

Gurtler again makes the claim the photo is photoshopped and he was in Franklin County at the time of the vote. He dodges Clyde’s direct question “Do you believe HB 838 is constitutional?” and “would you have voted YAY or NAY as it is written?”

So on Monday night, July 20th at the Fannin County Republican party meeting I asked Mr. Gurtler if he would be on my show Tuesday morning?   He agreed to be on at 9am Tuesday morning.  Late Monday night I received the following message from him cancelling due to a scheduling conflict. 

Message from Gurtler:  “Hey Brian, I thought I could do it.  But my schedule won’t allow it.  Was good to see you tonight.”

Message from Banks Wise, Gurtler’s campaign manager:  “Hey Brian, good to see you. Matt spoke too soon and wasn’t aware of his schedule. He had a full day and can’t make it on the show.”

I attempted to get him to reschedule but received no answer to my text.  I wanted to give Gurtler a chance to say with whom he was meeting in Franklin County at the time of the vote.  Provide some hard facts. Surely someone took pictures of his visit.

I sent Gurtler a message last Friday night, July 24th, telling him I wanted to talk to him Saturday at the Stephens County Republican Party BBQ.  He knew I planned to ask him questions.  After Gurtler finished speaking at the event I watched him sneaking out to avoid me speaking with me.  While I don’t like ambush journalism there are some questions that need cleared up. If he makes a serious claim that the photo showing him at the Capitol is photoshopped and he was in Franklin County at the time of the vote on HB838, who was he meeting with and how did he make it to Franklin county and back to the Capitol to vote on the Hate Crimes Bill in 2 hours and eighteen minutes?  His campaign manager Banks Wise maintains he was not at the Capitol June 23rd at the time of the HB 838 vote.

I think the voters in the 9th Congressional District along with all the Peace Officers in the Ninth District would like to know what could possibly be more important in Franklin County in this time of strife and turmoil than showing total and unanimous support for law enforcement.

I am still open to the answers and Matt Gurtler is welcome on my show anytime.



Clyde & Gurtler Debate LIVE July 17th 8pm on

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Watch Georgia’s 9th Congressional District Republican Debate LIVE!

Georgia 9th Congressional District Republican Primary runoff will be August 11th 2020.  Watch tonight as
runoff candidates Matt Gurtler and Andrew Clyde will be joining #BKP LIVE on the evening! Friday, July 17 @ 8 p.m.
TUNE in to see where your candidate stands on issues facing the district.
Click on to watch LIVE at 8pm or download our app
L-R Georgia’s Congressional 9th District Republican Candidates
Andrew Clyde                               Matt Gurtler

2020 9th Congressional District Candidate Interviews with BKP

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BKP interviews the candidates for the 9th Congressional District. These candidates discuss with BKP the latest in the news from Black Lives Matter, Pro-Life or Pro-Choice, Department of Education and the 2nd Amendment on if they support it or not. These interviews will better help you get to know the candidates for the June 9th election.


Kevin Tanner:


Ethan Underwood:


John Wilkinson:


Andrew Clyde:


Paul Broun:


Matt Gurtler:


11 candidates qualify for important District 9 U.S. Congressional race

Ga Rep Collins

Rep. Doug Collins

DAWSON COUNTY, Ga. – Doug Collins’ departure from the U.S. Congress sparked a rush of candidates to toss their hats into the ring – 11 in all — nine Republicans and two Democrats.

Four are current or former office holders – Rep. Kevin Tanner (R-Dawsonville), Rep. John Wilkinson (R-Toccoa), State Rep. Matt Gurtler (R-Tiger) and former Congressman Paul Broun. Three of the candidates are combat veterans, one is a retired police officer and one is a preacher.

Fetch Your News visited each candidate’s website last week to take a preliminary look at their platforms. Here is how they presented their case for election.


State Representative Kevin Tanner (R-Dawsonville)

Tanner has a 30-year history of public service as a fireman, law enforcement officer, county manager and state representative where he has served the last eight years. The Dawson County Republican has been a strong supporter of religious freedom, mental health reform and he has helped to pass important education and public safety reforms. In the House, he supported the Heartbeat Bill that Gov. Brian Kemp signed into law this year. He is also a small business owner and farmer.

State Senator John Wilkinson (R-Toccoa)

Wilkinson has served eight years in the Georgia Senate. He is chairman of the Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Committee. Prior to serving in the Senate, he was a program manager at the Georgia Department of Education. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture and master’s degree in Education at the University of Georgia. During his eight years in the Senate, Wilkinson has fought to eliminate useless red tape and regulation of business, defended the sanctity of life and fought for Second Amendment rights.

 State Representative Matt Gurtler (R-Tiger)

 Gurtler describes himself as a pro-life, pro-guns conservative who will stop government interference in the free market and in marriage and fight for parental rights and local control of schools. “Parents should have the freedom to choose the best educational method for their children whether they choose public, private, charter or home schooling,” he said. “The Department of Education, No Child Left Behind, and Common Core have been detrimental to our students.”

Dr. Paul Broun

Broun has been a family physician for 40 years. He is no stranger to the U.S Congress. He won a special election in 2007 and was re-elected in 2008, 2010 and 2012. He joined the U.S. Marines at the age of 18 and was promoted to Commander, Navy Reserves and served in Afghanistan before being honorably discharged in 2014. A conservative Republican, Broun has cautioned that the federal government faces economic collapse if it doesn’t stop the out-of-control spending.

Ethan Underwood

This is Underwood’s first run for political office. He is an attorney from Cumming who has served as chairman of the Forsyth County Republican Party and Vice Chairman of the 9th District Republican Party. As a property rights attorney, Underwood said has fought government throughout his career and will be ready from Day 1 to fight to ensure that Americans Constitutional rights are protected and they have access to quality, privately-funded healthcare options.

Michael Boggus

Boggus is a blue-collar worker who will bring a populist message to the campaign that will focus on “family, ambition and patriotism.” A testimony to the American work ethic, he attended trade school and supports his family on a crane operator’s income. He said he will focus on policies to reduce taxation for the middle class, combat big pharma’s control over the American economy, stimulate economic development through the encouragement of entrepreneurship, defend Second Amendment rights, and preserve the people’s autonomy through the tenth amendment.

Maria Strickland

Strickland is a retired police officer with 26 years’ experience in law enforcement and one of only women in the race. This will be her first attempt to win an election. While some say inexperience is her weakness, the Fannin County Republican said it is an asset. “We must stop sending career, establishment politicians to Washington,” she said. “We’ve been doing that and we’re not making any difference. Nothing is changing.” She describes herself as a pro-Trump conservative Republican who is pro-gun, pro-life and pro-American.

Kellie Weeks

 A Gainesville gun store owner, Weeks’ said her top priority is to protect Second Amendment rights because the right to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government is what protects the rest of our God-given rights. “On day one, I will introduce legislation for term limits. two terms for the Senate, four terms for the House.” she said. Another priority will be to improve the nation’s mental health system. “I want to rebuild our Mental Health Infrastructure to provide more resources for the mentally ill and those in crisis.”

Andrew Clyde

A three-tour Navy combat veteran and owner of Clyde Armory in Athens, he is running on a platform of limiting government and expanding individual freedoms. In 2013, the IRS seized nearly $1 million from his business through an unconstitutional process called civil asset forfeiture. He fought the IRS and won and the experience motivated him to run for Congress. “The experience showed me there is a very thin line between the people running our government and our government running us,” he said.


Devin Pandy is a career Army combat veteran and Wounded Warrior who served in Panama, Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan. He is a member of the No Democrat Left Behind coalition dedicated to flipping Georgia from a red state to blue. He says he will focus on the economy, tax reform, living wages and voter rights. He believes President Trump’s economic policies are a disaster, the Trump tax cut only benefits the wealthiest one percent and the border wall won’t work. He will fight for a pathway to citizenship for DACA/Dreamers.

Rev. Dan Wilson

Wilson said his campaign will focus on a strong economy, diplomacy and cyber security. He will push for a regional minimum wage, apprenticeships that lead to careers and 21st century jobs with a secure retirement. Wilson says America needs a comprehensive enforcement strategy against global cyber attacks. He calls agriculture the “beating heart” of Georgia’s economy and he believes farmers and families will benefit from “farm to school” programs, streamlined guest worker visas and reopening supply chains that have been broken.



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Sen. Paul endorses Rep. Gurtler in U.S. Congressional race

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Rand Paul

HIAWASSEE, Ga. – State House Representative Matt Gurtler, 8th District, formally announced Feb. 18 that he received a campaign endorsement from U.S. Senator Rand Paul.  “I am proud to receive Senator Rand Paul’s endorsement for Congress,” Gurtler said. “Rand Paul is one of the few men in Washington D.C. willing to stand up for the Constitution and take on the establishment.”

Sen. Paul’s endorsement reads as follows:

Matt Gurtler

Rep. Matt Gurtler

“Matt Gurtler is a proven conservative who has stood strong against out-of-control government spending and the special interests in Atlanta. He is the exact type of conservative leader we need in Washington who will defend liberty and serve the people of Georgia’s 9th District, not the DC insiders. He has my full and total endorsement.”

Sen. Paul is a member of the Republican Party, a U.S. Senator representing the state of Kentucky, and a former candidate for President of the United States.

Featured Image: U.S. Senator Rand Paul

Rep. Gurtler on decision to seek U.S. Congressional seat

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FYNTV - Matt Gurtler

ELLIJAY, Ga. – State House Representative Matt Gurtler spoke with FYN CEO Brian Pritchard in a live FYNTV interview, Feb.13, on the state budget cuts, related HB 4, and his announcement to run for the 9th Congressional District seat vacated by U.S. Senate-seeking Representative Doug Collins.

Gurtler, who is running on a platform of limited government, free markets, and individual liberty, said that the decision to run for U.S. Congress did not come lightly, and reached through deliberation and prayer. “We looked at the State Senate seat, we looked at the Congressional seat and had an opportunity to go up to Washington D.C. to meet with the conservative leaders in the House and also the Senate, and theses individuals and individuals reaching out to me across the District really encouraged me to run,” Gurtler said. “They’ve been watching me, and that I’ve been standing up to the powers that be, and the insiders in Atlanta and the special interests and the bloated budgets, and so it was sort of flattering that they noticed me there. And so we came back, and me and my family prayed, and we made the decision for Congress. We feel that we have a lot of support around the District. We’re going to work our tail off. We’re going to put tens of thousands of miles on the car again and wear the soles out on our feet and just bring the message of limited government to a wider audience, and a national audience if we are elected, so that we can really educate people.”

Gurtler said that members of the House and Senate voiced a need for “revolutionaries” to educate people on a national level, specifically against socialism. The State House Representative, who was in Washington D.C. during the telephone interview, divulged that he met with the Young Americans for Liberty, Freedom Caucus, and Club for Growth – an organization that is spending millions to fight Congressman Doug Collins in the U.S. Senate race.

Gurtler added that he received an endorsement from Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

The 8th District representative later shared his support for the Second Amendment in a social media post. “Our founders understood the right of self-defense is a natural and God-given right,” Gurtler wrote. “Red Flag laws and gun confiscation legislation like we see in Virginia, are dangerous to the principles of a free society and go against our constitutional rights. I will stand up for our 2nd Amendment rights in Washington DC just as I have done from day one at the State Capitol these past 4 years.”

Continue to follow FYN for local, state, and national campaign coverage as the May 19 primary election approaches.




BREAKING: Gurtler announces run for 9th Congressional District

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Matt Gurtler

HIAWASSEE, Ga. – State House Representative for the 8th District, Matt Gurtler, officially announced candidacy for the 9th Congressional District seat on the morning of Wednesday, Feb. 12.

“We did not expect this opportunity to come so soon,” Gurtler stated in a press release. “However, I’ve learned that it is not enough to simply support the Constitution, the Second Amendment, or love liberty… We must fight for our shared values and principles like I’m doing in Georgia. Since Day ONE of my time serving in the Georgia State House, I’ve tirelessly fought to defend Georgia’s constitutional conservative values, principles, and our God-given rights. Working alongside Governor Kemp, I’ve been fighting for Georgia to become a national leader in defending our second amendment rights. Congress needs proven limited government conservatives who will stand up to Speaker Pelosi and fake Republicans like Mitt Romney and John Bolton. I support President Trump’s agenda to bring our troops home, cut job-killing regulations, and defend the right of the unborn.

“My decision to run for Congress does not come lightly. My family, close friends and many of you helped me pray and deliberate over this decision. Ultimately, I made the decision to run knowing that I will be a champion for the Constitution, a voice for liberty in Congress, and serve the people of Georgia.”

Follow FYN for continued coverage as Election 2020 advances.

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