Dawson Fire and EMS Unveil New Ambulances

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DAWSON COUNTY, Ga.- Fire Chief and EMA Director Danny Thompson and Division Chief of Admin and EMS Robby Lee showed the public the two new ambulances just added to the fleet.

The two new ambulances are to replace units one and two. They are being placed in reserve to try and help keep Dawson County EMS available when its citizens need it. The new trucks cost $724 a piece and the department has ordered two more at $850 a piece that will arrive Spring of 2024.

A look inside the new ambulance.

With the two new trucks being placed in reserve Dawson currently has three reserve ambulances if the need arises for them. A need for the reserve would be if one of the current ambulances needs maintenance and there is a long wait time on parts because of the current issues with the supply chain.

The new ambulances are state of the art and were designed by Lee and other members of the Dawson County EMS. Part of the new technology is a new 5-point seat belt system for the paramedic in the back tending to the patient. The trucks have also been organized by the EMS staff so they easily know where everything is while on a call to make it more user-friendly.

The trucks also have a cooler for the medication and a warmer for the transport of plasma. They also have liquid suspension that makes the ride smoother for the patients when going over bumps. The trucks are bigger, come with remote-control wenches for pulling vehicles out of the snow, and easier ways for loading and unloading the CO2 tanks.

Chief Thompson while showing the truck to Commissioner Fausett.

Heard in the clip above is Thompson explaining the process for the design to Fausett and others present.

The ambulances have already been answering calls today. Turck 2 was at Station 2 from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. to give the community an opportunity to visit and tour the new ambulance. Board of Commissioners District 1 Sharon Fausett also stopped by and got to see what the Dawson County taxpayer’s money went.

“I’m so proud, and I love it,” exclaimed Fausett upon seeing and hearing about all the new features.

Thompson has also had other agencies reach out to him for the design specifications for the new ambulances. The two that are set to come in the Spring of 2024 are designed the exact same way. For more information on Dawson County Emergency Services please visit https://www.dawsoncounty.org/emergency.

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