Sheriff’s Office Approved to Pursue COPS Grant

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DAWSON COUNTY, Ga.- Sheriff Jeff Johnson presented the Board of Commissioners with a request to pursue the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) School Safety grant at the Jun. 16 work session.

The Commissioners also approved the Public Works Special Projects Coordinator position. Another item that was approved at the meeting was the proposed agreement regarding the exchange of right-of-way or interests in land related to the County’s SR 53 at Thompson Creek Park Road for realignment.

Sheriff Jeff Johnson while presenting the request to pursue the COPS grant to the board.

The COPS grant is a $500,000 grant with a 25% match. The grant will go to training local law enforcement officers to prevent student violence against others and themselves, it could also possibly fund metal decorators, locks, lighting, and other forms of deterrents.  It could also be used for more technology for faster notification of law enforcement during emergency situations.

Sheriff Johnson has approached the school board to see if they would be willing to partner with the county on the grant match. Due to the time constraints on when the application had to be in the superintendent was not able to present the request to the board at this time.

Heard in the recording above is Chairman of the Board Billy Thurmond, explaining the conversation he had with Sheriff Johnson on the grant.

The application for the grant is due Jun. 17. Only 160 awards for the grant are given out. To learn more about the types of grants available under this heading visit

The position of the Special Project Coordinator will assist the Public Works Director with MS4 management programs, as well as project management for capital and SPLOST-assigned projects. The individual in the position will plan, coordinate, implement and oversee the county’s stormwater quality management program.

The position will pay $26.56 per hour, $55,277.00 annually. The total benefits salary is $80,015.85. There is also room to grow to levels two and three in the position with more training. To review the full job description and requirements visit, the job begins on page 36.

The diagram of the section of road involved in the exchange.

The proposed agreement to exchange the right-of-way on the County’s SR 53 at Thompson Creek Park Road is for a realignment. The realignment is in order to create a roundabout. The DOT is set to go on the project they just needed approval from the board. In the exchange, the board is giving up $94,080 worth of land and gaining $159,468 worth of land.

During the zoning portion of the regular meeting, the board tabled rezoning request ZA 22-09 till the next meeting on July 7 in order to further outline stipulations required by the board. They approved rezoning request ZA 22-12.

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