Small Business Feature of the Week – Jungle Paradise Daylilies

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Jungle Paradise is a little piece of tranquility and nature tucked away close to the town square of Dawsonville. Owner Suzanne Franklin is a Master Gardener that has been hybreding plants for over 21 years. She moved to the North Georgia mountains in 1996 specifically to find rich soil where her passion and work could bloom.

“I have photographers in my yard when I wake up, I tell them they can come. There have been times I have had families from three different states at one time.” Suzanne explains the number of unique visitors and people that want to visit her gardens and is always doing renovations to
accommodate that experience. They have recently added on an outdoor bathroom, finished
renovations to the outdoor pavilion, and upgraded a stone walking path.


Jungle Paradise has an array of unique plants that include 100 different azaleas some that are hybridized, a blooming banana tree, a Pomegranate tree, and thousands of Lilies 90% of which are hybrids. Flowers from Jungle Paradise have been sold to families all over the southern United States, and have even been featured in Clint Eastwood’s recent film “The Mule”




Plan your next family picnic at this gorgeous facility and be on the lookout for a special Father’s
Day promotional event that will be advertised here on FYN.

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