Maria Strickland announces run to replace Collins for the Georgia Ninth District House Seat

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I’m Maria Strickland and I am running for congress.  I am ready and able to serve as your Representative for the 9th District Congressional seat.

I am a resident of Blue Ridge and a lifelong Republican.  I served 26 years as a Law Enforcement Officer, now retired.  I have my priorities straight. I love my Country, 9th District, and the great State of Georgia

I am not a politician but rather a true outsider who is going to Washington DC to represent the people and not to further a career.  I proudly support my President, and his policies. I want to help President Trump drain the swamp and stop run-a-way spending, and bring new ideas with a new perspective.   Don’t send the same replacement politicians, come on board with #TeamMaria.

I will represent the people and work hard supporting our President to preserve social security and medicare and stop waste, fraud and abuse.

I understand the importance of protecting the 9th District’s 2nd amendment rights against the crazy democrats like Mike Bloomberg. I want to work to defund Planned Parenthood and protect our unborn children.  It’s time we have local control of our children’s education and end the Jimmy Carter Department of Education.  

I want to support our booming economy and help small business by removing red tape and reducing taxes.

I represent the people not the special interest groups.  We can’t keep sending career establishment politicians and expect different outcomes.

Some will be naysayers and claim I have no experience.  I say, well look at Washington DC and tell me how that experience is working out for us. Republicans are going to take back the House, and Republicans need to keep their promises, and you can count on me to keep my word to the people of the 9th District.

I ask for your vote on May 19th. Get on board #TeamMaria and lets send a clear message all the way to Washington DC!  We the people of the 9th District want an American representing us ~ not a politician! 

Let all our voices be heard – donate or volunteer at  Please contact me to discuss my plans and find out more about me and why I am asking for your vote.  Email me at or call me at 706.633.7839. 


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