Board of Education Approves Initial FY23 Budget

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DAWSON COUNTY, Ga.- The Dawson County Board of Education approved the initial FY23 budget at their regular Jun. meeting on Jun. 14.

The board also approved the ESPLOST requests that were presented at the meeting. Director of Nutrition Scott Richardson also presented the board with a request for the approval of two food vendors for the next school year.

The board heard the second hearing for the FY23 budget from Finanic Director Beth Covington. The total revenues for the initial budget were $50,636,530. Last fiscal year revenues were $46,939,511.

There were no changes in the local tax revenues between the first hearing and the second but the state revenues had two changes. The QBE State earnings went up to $78,216, and the state transportation went up to $410,179.

The expenditures for the budget are $47,722,978. The expenditures for the last fiscal year are $48,160,362. The changes between the first and second hearing were dealing with staff. To view the full second budget hearing visit

The general fund budget summary from the second budget hearing presentation.

The full budget breakdown is available at The board still has to approve the millage rate in Aug. and there will possibly be three hearings in Aug. to address that.

The ESPLOST request is for $291,000. This was presented by Superintendent Nicole LeCave. The ESPLOST is broken down into five items.

Those items are managed printing services with a price of $60,000, and desktop virtualization projects with a price of $125,000. Next are computers for growth with a price of $35,000, school safety improvements for $45,000, and a convention oven replacement at Dawson County Middle School for $26,000. The board voted to approve these items.

Richardson presented the board with the bids from Sysco and John Samples for the food delivery services for the next school year. The reason for approving two bids is because there will be fluxations in prices from week to week and having the two allows Richardson to place orders from the one that is the best deal for Dawson County for that week.

Each school does its own ordering in bulk. The menus have already been set for next school year and staff will return to start ordering in mid-July. It has been a long time since the county has worked with either of the vendors but like other counties finding distributors has been a struggle. To see the problems other counties have been having please visit

The board also heard from members of each of the schools’ governance councils. They all had very positive things to say about their schools and the partnerships they have with the PTOs.

Lastly, the board received updates from Director of Elementary Schools Page Arnette and Director of Secondary Schools Dr. Nathan Hand on the progress Dawson County Students have made this school year. To review those updates visit and The school system is seeing growth in all its students.

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