Congressman Clyde: “Major League Baseball is against election integrity”

Press Release
Andrew Clyde


“Obviously, Major League Baseball is against election integrity. Commissioner Robert Manfred made this clear with his recent decision to relocate the 2021 All-Star Game and draft out of Georgia because of our state’s new election integrity law.

In his statement, Commissioner Manfred says he engaged in multiple ‘thoughtful conversations’ regarding the new law, but it is clear he has not done his research on S.B. 202. If he had, the Commissioner would know that nearly every state in the country already requires I.D. or signature verification to vote. In fact, this is a basic requirement in democracies across the globe.

The claim that S.B. 202 disenfranchises voters not only defies basic logic, but has been proven false. Again, this is something Commissioner Manfred would know if he bothered to do even a basic amount of research.

Free, fair, and secure elections ensure the government stays accountable to the people, which has resulted in the U.S. becoming the most prosperous nation in the world. MLB has directly benefited from these freedoms for more than 100 years, and this response is Little League.

I am deeply disappointed in MLB’s anti-election integrity stance. Georgians deserve and believe in election integrity. If MLB does not, we don’t need the All-Star Game or draft in our state.”



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