BOC to consider renewal of agreement with Georgia Forestry Commission Thursday


DAWSON COUNTY, Ga. – Director of Emergency Services Danny Thompson will ask the Board of Commissioners to renew a Memorandum of Understanding with the Georgia Forestry Commission during Thursday’s work session.

The agreement will facilitate the purchase and operation of Georgia Forestry equipment and trucks at a reduced cost to address response to urban wildlife interface fires.

Thursday’s meeting will begin at 4 p.m. and will be immediately followed by a regular meeting and public hearings.

Industrial Building Authority Chairman Gary Coates will make a presentation of the staggered terms and appointment of members to the IABDC.

During the voting session commissioners will hold the following public hearings:

  • Alcohol License Transfer (Retail Package Sale of Beer, Wine and Distilled Spirits) – Gopika Liquor dba 400 Package;
  • George Butler as agent for owners requests to rezone TMP 097-099 from RA (Residential Agriculture) to RS2 (Residential Suburban 2) for the purpose of developing a 194-residential-lot subdivision (Dawson Forest Road East).
  • Mincey Land Management requests to rezone TMP 113-017 from RA (Residential Agriculture) to CHB (Commercial Highway Business) for the purpose of constructing an indoor gun range (Highway 53 East);
  • Fall Leaf  Residential requests to rezone TMP 085-016 from RSR (Residential Sub-Rural) to RS3 (Residential Suburban 3) for the purpose of developing a 141-residential-lot subdivision (Highway 9 South);
  • Jim King on behalf of Jackie and Jerry Townley requests to rezone TMP 115-044 from RA (Residential Agriculture) to RSR (Residential Sub-Rural) for the purpose of subdividing the parcel (Blue Ridge Overlook);
  • Dawson County requests to rezone TMP 113-011 and 113-092 from CHB (Commercial Highway Business) to RMF (Residential Multi-Family) and CHB for the purpose of developing a commercial component and multi-family dwellings.

In other business, the Board will consider:

  • A study concerning the cost of services by Land Use Type;
  • The Sheriff’s request for additional staffing;
  • A local Emergency Operations Plan Update;
  • An amendment to ‘Section 2-111-Solicitations. 13.b. $25,000.00 and above, Sealed Solicitations’ of the Purchasing Policy Ordinance;
  • Ratification of the Liberty Church Road Emergency Repair Request



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