Former county employee wins major settlement against Headley and Board of Commissioners


Danielle Yarbrough

DAWSONVILLE, Ga. — Danielle Yarbrough — a 20-year employee with Dawson County who had an excellent work record up until the time she was fired in 2019 — has won a major settlement against County Manager David Headley and the Board of Commissioners.

The settlement includes an undisclosed cash payment to Yarbrough. It orders Dawson County to purge Yarbrough’s personnel file of any documentation reflecting any negative references pertaining to her employment or termination, to change documentation of her separation as a resignation in accordance withO.C.G.A.45-1-5(2). The county must also provide a neutral employment reference upon any request for a reference limited to the date of employment position held and salary.

Upon her termination, Yarbrough’s personnel file carried a designation of “no rehire.” The designation must now be removed, although she has stated she has no intention to return to Dawson County.

Upon her termination, Yarbrough filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission stating, “I believe my termination is the result of impermissible disparate treatment by the county.” She also said the unlawful termination cost her in excess of $1 million in lost wages alone and that she should have been paid for accrued personal leave and sick leave.

“The settlement of this case has brought me closure, and it was resolved to my satisfaction,” Yarbrough said Wednesday.

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