Brian Kemp’s Putting Georgians First bus tour rolled into Dawson County early Monday morning

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Brian Kemp addresses supporters Monday morning during stop in Dawson County.

DAWSONVILLE, Ga. – With early voting in Georgia’s gubernatorial race set to begin in two weeks, Republican candidate Secretary of State Brian Kemp brought his 27-stop “Putting Georgians First” bus tour to Dawsonville Monday morning to paint a “stark contrast” between him and his Democrat opponent and to remind supporters “We are in a fight for the soul of our state.”

While Democrats have attempted to paint former Georgia House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams as a centrist candidate, Kemp wasted little time in labeling her  a “radical career politician” who would raise taxes, end school choice and expand government healthcare.

On taxes, Kemp said her plan is to raise taxes “even though she hasn’t paid her own.”

“She wants to reverse the billion dollar tax cut these guys in the legislature helped pass last year because of the leadership of our president at the federal level,” Kemp said. “My plan as governor is signing another tax cut this coming year.”

On education, Kemp said, “I want to expand pre-K, protect the Hope Scholarship by not doing what she wants to do by giving it to people who are here illegally. I want to have less testing, less state mandates and more local control when it comes to education.”

Kemp proposed a $5,000 annual pay raise for Georgia’s teachers last week. “They know a lot better what to do in their local communities than some bureaucrat in state or federal government.”

On healthcare, he said he wants to end government healthcare while Abrams supports single-payer healthcare which “is going to cost billions and will limit your ability to see your own doctor. But don’t worry, she’s got a plan to pay for that – raising your taxes.” Kemp said her plan would “bankrupt the state and bankrupt you.”

Kemp also said Abrams has “an extreme agenda” when it comes to public safety and law enforcement. “She voted against legislation to increase protection for our police officers that have been assaulted and walked off the floor on a vote to go after people who are buying our children for sex. When pressed, she said she did not support the legislation.”

“Voting against having sexual predators within 1,000 feet of our schools and taking pictures of our children, that is an extreme agenda. (Kemp was referring to Abrams vote against HB 908 in 2008). That and going after street gangs.”

Kemp added that he has a plan to stop and dismantle street gangs in Georgia. He added that according to state and federal law enforcement agents, there are 70,000 street gang members living in Georgia today.

Kemp reminded supporters that “we are in the fight of our lives right now. For people who say we’ve got this election in the bag, we do not. We’re going to win, but we can’t win if everybody stays home. We’ve got to get our folks out. Don’t let showing up this morning be the last thing you do for this campaign.”

Over the weekend, former U.S Congressman Newt Gingrich warned of a massive “blue wave of money flowing into the Abrams campaign from leftist states like California and New York.

When Fetch Your News asked Kemp about Gingrich’s comment, he said, “The problem is we’re never going to be able to out raise her. You literally have billionaires like George Soros and others trying to bring their socialist ideas of big government to the state of Georgia to influence this election. We’re going to have the resources we need, but we’ve got to have a lot of people working on the ground to get the vote out to combat the amount of money they have.”

Kemp is accompanied on the tour by his wife Marty and daughter Lucy and U.S. Congressman Doug Collins and State Senator Steve Gooch.

Collins introduced Kemp, saying, Brian has fought off liberals when they wanted to attack our voting system. He’s fought for smaller government. He’s fought for the things that matter to us.”

Dawson County was the first stop on the first day of bus tour Monday morning. It was followed by stops in Pickens, Fannin, Gilmer, Murray and Whitfield counties.


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