• Georgia Mountains’ unemployment rate unchanged

    Georgia Mountains’ unemployment rate unchanged at 4 percent in May ATLANTA – The Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL) announced today that the unemployment rate in the Georgia Mountains region in May was 4 percent, unchanged from April. In May 2016, the rate was 4.2 percent. While the rate was unchanged, there were 1,854 more Georgia […]

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  • A Quickening

    A Quickening! America is facing a “Quickening,” a time of renewed enthusiasm, a warming toward a stolen America in danger of being lost and gone forever. Ever since the ascendency of the marxist infested Democrat party and the corrosive role it has played in American politics by its decades long hegemony over laws and policy, accelerated under the […]

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  • House Republicans Hit Record Productivity in Work with Trump Administration

    House Republicans Hit Record Productivity in Work with Trump Administration “This year in Washington has been remarkably productive. We have an active president who is eager to work with lawmakers, and the House remains motivated to enact the conservative reforms the American people elected us to champion.” WASHINGTON—House Republicans, including Vice Chair of the House […]

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  • Educating Fake News Reporters

    The Huffington Post, it’s reputation for Left-wing accuracy based on its cunningly creative polling techniques, predictions and prognostications, now sullied and left in tatters after Trumps victory, is embarked on what one might call a Corporate Retreat event, in fact a bus tour of “Middle America,” visiting twenty-three “Hick” states, so their young staffers can […]

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  • The Democrat Party’s Future?

    The Democrat Party’s Future? The Democrat Party, or what's left of it, is desperate. Among its priorities is looking for leadership, someone who can carry the socialist banner against Donald Trump in 2020 and win. Challenging Republican Congressmen and Senators in local elections to change the voting balance in Congress, is next. (see: ”turnoutpac.org” for a rebuke of […]

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  • Obamacare, The Gift That Keeps On Giving!

    Obamacare, The Gift That Keeps On Giving! The current state of our medical care after the passage of Obamacare, is a total disaster. We all know why. It was a socialist wealth transfer scheme that demanded everybody buy insurance, including options not needed or wanted. It was designed so those without any form of insurance could get their […]

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  • Hunter Hill Wins the Straw Poll at the Georgia GOP Convention

    Dear Friends, I have great news to share with you! This past weekend we won the straw poll at the Georgia GOP Convention! It is great to know that our message of smaller government and conservative values are resonating with the grassroots leaders of our party! Georgia republicans are ready to elect a true conservative Governor! Are […]

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